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Strategic Anti-piracy Services
for Leading Content Creators

Marketly delivers strategic anti-piracy services that help content creators beat piracy in the age of digital distribution. We focus on the strategy and tactics that move the needle for your business, not meaningless volumes of enforcement actions. Leading content creators work with Marketly when they want to invest in an anti-piracy program that measurably impacts the traffic for their content.

Marketly Anti-Piracy
for Search

Search is at the core of every digital marketing strategy. Consumers turn to search every day to find the content they want. But search engines also index piracy from torrent, cyberlocker, and streaming sites.

Marketly leads the industry with intelligent copyright removals from search engines. Our intelligent algorithms clean search results for the keywords that drive traffic to your content. Our piracy protection for Search is informed by an SEO strategy that maximizes the traffic impact both for the pirates and for your legal distribution channels.

  • Coverage of all the major compliant search engines
  • 99.6% acceptance rate with Google, the highest standard in the industry
  • Proven traffic reduction
  • Reports your marketing team will appreciate

Marketly Anti-Piracy for Social

  • Coverage of the Top Social Platforms
  • Artificial intelligence + analyst review to ensure safe enforcement
  • Proven traffic reduction
  • Reports your marketing team will appreciate

Social is your leading platform for consumers to engage with your content. It is also where pirates promote their business. Marketly leads the industry with intelligent enforcement of links to piracy from social platforms.

Marketly’s anti-piracy services combine machine learning with analyst experience to safely enforce on infringement while protecting your relationship with your fans.

Marketly Anti-Piracy
for Websites

Website host torrents, cyberlocker downloads, and video streaming sites. They are the destination for consumers who know they want to find pirated content. However, they contribute widely to the cybercrime ecosystem of ad fraud, malware, and phishing scams. They often distribute premium content to attract traffic without realizing that they are violating IP rights.

Marketly has developed a unique approach to website enforcement used by no other anti-piracy provider. Customers love it. Pirates despise it. Hate mail is pouring in, so we must be doing something right. We are offering this in beta to established customers only. (Unlike too many companies in the tech space, we only offer a product when it’s ready!) . Contact us for more information.

  • Traffic driven enforcement tactics
  • Enforcement of torrents, cyberlockers, and video streaming sites
  • Reports your marketing team will appreciate