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Anti Piracy

80–90% reduction

in search traffic to pirate websites

The world’s leading content creators depend on Marketly.

Marketly can reduce search traffic 
to pirate websites by 80 - 90% versus traditional anti-piracy companies.

Preferred Partner

Over 100

of the world’s leading rights holders choose Marketly

94% of consumers will choose to buy content legally when they see only legal results in searches. Only half will buy legally when they don’t.

Over 100 of the world’s leading rights holders have chosen Marketly to provide their piracy protection in the digital media chanels that most affect their brand.

Authentic Search

94% of consumers

will choose legal content

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Industry Experts

6 of the top 10 Film & TV Studios trust Marketly to provide piracy protection for their content. Marketly understands how consumers search and connect with Film & TV content across search, social media, and websites. Our solution monitors your content from its first leak to its last window of distribution. We have learned from some of the most demanding customers in the industry.

2 of the top 5 Book Publishers work with Marketly to cover their top titles. Marketly’s piracy protection applies advanced machine learning to identify infringements for thousands of titles. We enforce without violating critical fair use issues, and we reduce the visibility of piracy where authors and their fans are most likely to see it.

Music labels choose Marketly to cover the digital marketing channels that connect artists with their fans. Marketly provides piracy protection for your artists like a marketing agency would provide content and promotion. We make sure fans searching for your work see what you want them to see.

Marketly has provided piracy protection for a wide range of digital content: video games, online courses, and software. We understand the specific needs of each industry and provide tailored coverage based on the distribution model and piracy ecosystem for each type of content.