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Marketly’s strategic approach to combatting piracy focuses where it matters most—
prominent infringing search engine results which divert unsuspecting consumers.

Most consumers aren’t seeking pirated content. Instead, they begin their search for legitimate digital content at major search engines, stumble upon the infringements, and get diverted. Marketly focuses on cleaning up the most visible search results (via DMCA). And then we go further, deep-cleaning emerging results, removing infringing content from hosting sites, and much more. 

Other brand protection companies tout the number of download links they’ve removed, and while Marketly’s quantity is toward the top of that list (with well over 20 million infringements removed), we recognize that metric is insufficient. After all, you could remove millions of listings, but if some prominent ones remain, your resources were wasted. 

To maximize our effectiveness, we focus on where it matters most: the top of search engine results, where most potential customers get diverted to pirated copies of content. Using our unique approach, which we have continuously fine-tuned over the years, we have been able to show significant impact for our clients, who are some of the most demanding corporations in their industries. They can see and share their impressive results anytime in our secure web-based dashboard.

To streamline the review and submission of infringing links that we detect, we provide an intuitive case management system. This efficient tool continuously updates the suspicious listings, electronically transmits customized legal notices, and automatically improves the accuracy of its results. These and other important features save you valuable time and money. 

Dashboard shows key metrics and measurable impact.
Case Management System efficiently processes infringements.
Marketly has been one of Google's top enforcement vendors for years.

Highlights of Marketly’s Anti-Piracy Solutions

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