Marketly’s strategic approach to combatting counterfeits focuses where it matters—
large networks of rogue websites and suspicious listings in online marketplaces.

Most shoppers begin their search for products at search engines and online marketplaces. Unfortunately, a large portion of these unsuspecting consumers are diverted to counterfeits through bogus listings and rogue websites. These fakes are usually misrepresented, typically inferior, and sometimes quite harmful to consumers. They also hurt your sales, damage your reputation, and dilute your brand equity.

Marketly has developed innovative and strategic ways of efficiently and effectively detecting and limiting these threats. 

Rogue Websites 

To fool shoppers, rogue websites try to look like legitimate websites, often displaying images they’ve stolen from the real brand’s website. And they attract a lot of traffic through organic search engine listings. 

When addressing rogue websites, instead of trying to remove the most links, Marketly focuses on removing the links that matter most—the prominent ones on the first few pages of the search results, and those associated with large criminal networks. We have developed efficient ways of extracting valuable hidden information from these websites and associating them with each other, in prioritized clusters. This approach provides a cost-effective way to make trap buys, and it identifies the high-value targets for more aggressive action. 

Online Marketplaces

Counterfeiters also frequently sell their imitations in online marketplaces. We can monitor dozens of popular marketplaces across the globe, and extract hidden information to help us prioritize the threats. We can also integrate results of offline purchases into our online system to inform the learning algorithm and improve the accuracy of our predictions.

Dashboard shows key metrics and measurable impact.
Case Management System efficiently processes infringements.
Network Map
 Network Map clusters websites and prioritizes threats .

Highlights of Marketly’s Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

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