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Track key metrics for continuous improvement.

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Achieve real success and get the credit you deserve.

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Sample Results


Top Movie Studio


Reduce online piracy for popular movies and TV shows.


We significantly reduced search engine traffic share to pirated content, from over 25% to under 2%.

Key Metrics

Traffic Share, Keywords Clean, Search Result Share, Position Gap.


Remove unauthorized results from the first page of search engines to make room for more authorized content.


"Finally a solution that really works!"

Industries We’re Helping


Movies & TV

Electronic Games

Consumer Electronics




“I’ve worked here for six years, and looked at a lot of vendors, but haven’t used any of them. You're the first ones to wow us.”  

- Director of Brand Protection,
Top luxury brand

“Marketly’s solutions address today’s anti-piracy challenges,
and produce quantifiable results for Microsoft.”

– Senior Program Manager,
Microsoft Corporation

“Your creativity and flexibility are very refreshing,
and we’re really pleased with the results.”

- Head of Brand Protection, 
Top computer gaming company

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